Horned and Spooned Iris are considered new or space age irises. They were first developed by Lloyd Austin in America.

They refer to irises that have a beard which is detached from the fall and points upward.

Spooned iris have an additional petal flounce which extends from the beard.

At present I only have a few, but would like to build up my collection in this area over the coming years.

Tall Bearded Irises are $6 to $15 each

Irises can be ordered from early September with delivery in late Nov. or Dec.

Sold Be My Girl $10
SOLD Brothers In Arms  $8
(Lauer, 2002, USA) 33" Early - Mid
Finish Line NFS
(Sutton 2007) Mid - Late 34"
Sold Mesmeriser   $10
(Byers 1991) Wister Medal 2000 Dykes Medal 2002
Mist Arising $10
Powerpoint  $10
(Johnson 2005) Mid - Late 45"
Thornbird NFS
(Byers 1988) Mid 35"
Dykes Medal 1997
SOLD Trillion
(Bessette 1996) Mid - Late 36"
HM 2004
Triple Whammy  $6
(Hager 1990) Mid-Late 40"
HM 1992 AM 1995
Sold Wing Commander $10
Sutton 1999, USA
Mid - Late 35"
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Horned Or Spooned Iris

I am never sure of my supply until I check the garden.   Message me with what you like and I write back with what I can supply.

No more orders available this year.  Sorry Everyone

Garden Visits are welcome through October and Mid November by appointment.  Please messages only to Selina on 0410 718 958

Contact (Use Messages)     0410  718  958                           Email:      aandslefevre@bigpond.com

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