Tall Bearded Iris - B  Listings

Back On Stage $10
Sold Ballerina Queen $10
NFS Ballet Performance
Sold Barbara My Love $10
Be Counted  $8
Sold Behold A Lady  $8
NFS Bengal Tiger
Sold Be My Girl $10
NFS Be Original
Sold Berry Blush  $8
Better Loosen Up $8
Beverly Sills  $8
Bewitchment $10
Sold Blackalicious $15
NFS Black As Night
Blackout  $10
NFS Black Phantom
Sold Black Suited $15
Black Tie Affair  $10
SOLD Blackware
Sold Blenheim Royal $8
Sold Bliss Bomb $10
Sold Blue Rising $10
NFS Blue Stacatto
NFS Blushing Clouds
Blushing Pink  $8
NFS Bodacious
NFS Boogie Woogie
NFS Boulevard Jazz
Boyfriend $8
Brave Face $15
NFS Brian
Sold Brides Manor  $8
NFS Brilliant Disguise
Broome Sunset $10
Sold Brother's In Arms  $10
Bubbling Lace  $10
Buccaneer's Prize  $8
Burgundy Brown $8
Sold Burgundy Bubbles  $8
Sold But Beautiful $10
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No more orders available this year.  Sorry Everyone

Garden Visits are welcome through October and Mid November by appointment.  Please messages only to Selina on 0410 718 958

Contact (Use Messages)     0410  718  958                           Email:      aandslefevre@bigpond.com

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