Tall Bearded Iris -  C  Listings

NFS Cafe D'Amour
Cafe Viva $15
Candy Cane Cutie  $10
Capricious $10
NFS Cascade Springs
Casual Elegance $8
Sold Change Of Pace $10
Celebration Song $8
Sold Chardonnay and Ice $10
Sold China Dragon $8
Chocolate Royal (NFS)
SOLD Chocolates & Silk
NFS Chosen One
Churchill Lane  $10
Sold Cinderella's Secret $10
Class Ring $10
Classic Look  $8
Classic Suede $10
Sold Cloud Ballet $10
NFS Coffee Trader
Sold Coffee Whispers $10
Sold Colourable   $10
Colours Of The Wind $15
NFS Colourtart
Comes The Dawn $10
(Weiler 1986)
Comfortable $10
Sold Copatonic $10
NFS Copper Classic $8
Sold Cordoba  $10
(Blyth 2006)
Sold Corona Gold $10
NFS Country Kisses
Cover Page $10
NFS Crackling Caldera
(Aitken, 2003, USA) 33" Mid-Late
Wister Medal 2010
NFS Cranberry Cooler
Sold Creative Stitchery $8
Creative Urge $10
Sold Crete $10
NFS Crimson Snow
NFS Current Events
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No more orders available this year.  Sorry Everyone

Garden Visits are welcome through October and Mid November by appointment.  Please messages only to Selina on 0410 718 958

Contact (Use Messages)     0410  718  958                           Email:      aandslefevre@bigpond.com

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