Tall Bearded Iris -  G to I  Listings

NFS Gallant Rogue
Gallery $10
NFS Georgette Silk
Gigi  $8
Girl's Favourite $8
NFS Glamour Pants
Glendale $8
Going My Way $8
Golden Garnet $8
NFS Golden Panther
Gold Galore  $8
Sold Gorgeous Is $10
Sold Got Attitude $10
Gracious Curves  $10
NFS Gypsy Lord
Gypsy Romance $8
NFS Hampton Harmony
NFS Hampton Horizon
Sold Hannah Hoo $10
NFS Happenstance
Haute Couture $10
Head Over Heals  $10
Sold Heart Of Glass  $10
(Not registered) Helen $6
An unregistered Tassie Iris.
Sold Hello Darkness $10
High Master   $8
NFS High Roller
Sold Hills District  $8
Hindu Magic $8
NFS Hold Everything
Hollywood Lights  $10
NFS Holy Cow
Honky Tonk Blues $8
Honourable Lord $10
Sold Hopeless Romantic $15
Hot Secret $10
Houdini $10
Sold Howes Valley $10
Sold Huckleberry Fudge $8
Hysteria $10
I'm A Hussy $10
Ice Sculpture $8
Indigo Princess $8
Sold Inaugural Ball  $8
Innocent Miss $15
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No more orders available this year.  Sorry Everyone

Garden Visits are welcome through October and Mid November by appointment.  Please messages only to Selina on 0410 718 958

Contact (Use Messages)     0410  718  958                           Email:      aandslefevre@bigpond.com

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