Selina's Talk Board

Market Dates

Open Weekend at our home

23rd & 24th October

7 Newitt Drive

Austins Ferry

Gardening Council Of Australia Festival

"Valleyfield" at New Norfolk

120 Hamilton Rd New Norfolk

30th & 31st October

Cactasmania 27th and 28th November for Succulent Sales

I also attend New Norfolk Market occasionally.

Potted Stock Sales

I am not planning any open days this year as my flower count will be lower.  If you wish to pop around to buy potted stock just drop me a message and we will arrange a time.  I have lots of potted stock this year due to help from a friend.


There will be less this year as I have transplanted about 500 varieties this year and they need time to recover and build up in size and numbers. 

Payment is not required until pick up or posting

With 1300 irises in the garden it is impossible for one person (me) to keep track of them all.  So irises come and go on the site during the season.