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Market Dates

Sat November 14th

New Norfolk Market (still waiting for confirmation)

Oh My Gosh!

Never in my 7 year history of running this site have I seen anything like this.  Iris season is just beginning and I have virtually nothing left to sell.  I am so sorry to anyone who has missed out this year.

Suggested Iris Growers to buy from

Dwarfs - See Forth Valley Irises

Talls - Wait for Elle Bee's Irises (Tas)

 Smoking Heights Iris Farm (SA)

Riversdale Iris Farm (Vic)

All these farms are able to send

to Tassie Customers

Payment is not required until pick up or posting

With 1300 irises in the garden it is impossible for one person (me) to keep track of them all.  So irises come and go on the site during the season.


No more orders available this year.  Sorry Everyone

Selina's Iris Garden is at ..                               7 Newitt Drive

                                                                           Austins Ferry

                                                                           Hobart  Tasmania 7011