Tall Bearded Iris -  S  Listings

Sold Sable Robe   $8
Sold Saffron Flame $6
NFS Safari Sunset  $10
Sold Sajakeda $8
NFS Sassy Sister
Sold Santana
NFS Samarkand Rd
Savannah Sunset $8
NFS Scandia Delight
Sold Scottish Reel  $10
Sculptress $8
Sea Of Joy $8
Secret Agenda $10
Sold Secret Partner $10
Secret Recipe $15
Secret Service $10
Secret Weekend   $15
Sold Select Circle $10
Serene Moment  $8
Serious Notion $10
Set To Music $8
Sold Shine On Wine  $8
Shipboard Romance $10
NFS Show Your Colours
NFS Silk &  Honey
Sold Silent Screen Star $10
Silkirim $8
Sold Simply Sensational NFS
This clump needs to flower before I can sell it.. Some confusion with clump next to it.
Sold Skating Party $8
NFS Skylark Song
NFS Sky Echo
NFS Smoke Rings
Snaparazzi  $15
Sold Snapshot $10
Sneak Preview $8
Sold Social Graces  $10
NFS Sofia
Solano $8
Sombrero Way $8
Some Are Angels $10
Sold Some Dark Night $8
Sooner Serenade $8
Speakeasy $8
Speculator $8
Sold Spiced Custard $6
Spiced Tiger $10
Spot Starter $10
NFS Starring $10
Started With A Kiss  $10
SOLD Staying  Alive  $10
Stolen Dreams $8
SOLD Strawberry Swirl $10
Street Sensation $15
Sold Study In Blue $8
Sold Sunblaze $10
NFS Supreme Sultan
Surely White  $10
Sold Sunset Plaza $10
Swazi Princess $8
NFS Sweet Musette  $8
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No more orders available this year.  Sorry Everyone

Garden Visits are welcome through October and Mid November by appointment.  Please messages only to Selina on 0410 718 958

Contact (Use Messages)     0410  718  958                           Email:      aandslefevre@bigpond.com

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NFS Skylark Song