Garden Visits are welcome through October and Mid November by appointment.  Please messages only to Selina on 0410 718 958

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All Dwarf Irises are $6.00 each

Irises can be ordered from early September with delivery in late Nov. or Dec.

SOLD Ace Of Clubs $6
(Hager 1983)
Acid Test NFS
Bumblebee Deelite NFS
Miniature Tall Bearded Iris (Norrick 1985) HM 1988 Williamson White Award 1991 Williamson White Medal 1993
SOLD Celcius $6
(Blyth 1995)
Cool As  $6
(Blyth 2003)
SOLD Dedicated $6
Black 2004 USA
Very Early-Early 14"
Fuzzy Face   $6
(Black 1986)
SOLD Helmsman $6
(Smith 2001)
NFS It's Love   $6
(Blyth 1986)
SOLD Jungle Warrior $6
(Aitken 1989)
SOLD Mighty Mouse   $6
Miniature Dwarf Bearded Iris
(NBB)    Free
Unfortunatley this iris has lost its true name. But its a lovely colour so I kept it.
Say Hello $6
(Blyth 1985)
Sherlock  $6
(Black 1981)
Stash   (NFS)
(Blyth 2005)
Status  $6
(Blyth 1996)
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Yellow & Orange Irises

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SOLD Mighty Mouse   $6

Miniature Dwarf Bearded Iris